Zero evictions! Campaign against evictions without alternative placement

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In April 2011, The City is for All is launching its Zero Evictions Campaign in response to the Hungarian government’s limited renewal of the moratorium on evictions. The new moratorium only protects those who have fallen back on foreign currency mortgage installments but excludes many others in danger of being evicted including squatters, social housing residents and those who are in arrears for rent and/or utilities. Our campaign calls on the Hungarian government to officially recognize the right to housing through legislation and guarantee that nobody is evicted without a proper alternative placement.

April 5, 2011.
Housing, not Walls!
Activists who engaged in non-violent civil disobedience to stop an eviction in May, 2010 were on trial. Arguing that they had followed their convictions and did not cause any harm to society, the judge dismissed the fine imposed by the police and only gave us a warning. The activists were represented by the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union.

Video of our nonviolent civil disobedience on May 13, 2010.

For more information on our anti-eviction campaign in 2010, click here and here.

Images of the solidarity protest and trial on April 5, 2011.

April 9, 2011.
Anti-eviction forum
The one-day forum will be an opportunity for people in danger of eviction to exchange experiences and information and get involved in our Zero Evictions Campaign.

April 15, 2011.
Press conference and performance
A member of the housing mafia, a banker and a real estate developer celebrate the partial end of the moratorium on evictions with champagne, which will allow them to purchase real estate below market rate. The event officially launching our campaign will take place on Gellért Hill overlooking Budapest.

April 29, 2011.
Demonstration against evictions without alternative placement
Demonstration in cooperation with housing rights organizations, homeless people and those threatened with eviction. We invite everyone to participate who believes that nobody in Hungary should be evicted without proper alternative placement.

Who are we? The City is for All (A Város Mindenkié) is a homeless-led housing rights group in Hungary with a mixed membership of homeless and formerly homeless people and their allies.

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