The City is for All was founded in 2009 by people who are committed to working for a just and egalitarian society. Our members are currently or formerly homeless people, those experiencing housing poverty and their allies.


  1. codification of the enforceable right to housing
  2. ending the criminalization of homelessness
  3. ending the social and institutional discrimination of homeless people and people living in housing poverty
  4. a high-quality social support system that is accessible to everyone
  5. widespread public awareness and sensitivity regarding homelessness and housing poverty
  6. empowerment of oppressed social groups


We advocate for an adequate housing policy with decision makers at all levels of government. We defend the rights and interests of homeless people. We also fight against negative social perceptions against homeless people. With our wok, we want to demonstrate that together homeless people are able to stand up for their rights and dignity. We are also dedicated to fighting against all forms of discrimination and stigmatization and we are open to cooperating with other socially oppressed groups. 


Now we are working outside of Budapest, too, to advocate for homeless and housing poor people. For more information about our group in Pécs, check their website and their Facebook page. 


We have three sister organizations who all work together very closely to build strong a housing movement in Hungary: Streetlawyer, From the Street to Housing Association and the School of Public Life.

Contact & more information: +3630 1672588 (Dóra Ország)

Meet us in person! every Friday from 4 to 6pm at Auróra community center

(Budapest, 8th district, Auróra utca 11.)


E-mail: [email protected]

Support the struggle for housing justice in Hungary!

International wire transfer (Utcáról Lakásba Egyesület) HU12 1620 0223 1004 5507 0000 0000 (IBAN) and HBWEHUHB (SWIFT) – Magnet Bank

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